Al-Nusra Terrorists Fails to Capture Regiment 137 in the West Ghouta


On Monday, terrorists from the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” attempted to infiltrate into the Syrian Arab Army’s Regiment 137 base at the town of Khan Al-Sheih, where they were met with fierce resistance from the latter, as they lost a confirmed 16 combatants during this attack.

Al-Nusra terrorist attack on this Western Ghouta military base came from the western perimeter, as the latter mercilessly pounded the western corridor with a barrage of rockets and mortar shells before they stormed the guard post on Monday morning.

Unable to penetrate the SAA’s fortifications, the militants from Al-Nusra chose to withdraw their attack after three hours of intense clashes at the western corridor; this was followed by the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) launching a number of airstrikes on the enemy convoys that were attempting to flee the area.

As of Tuesday morning, small firefights were reported on the outskirts of the base; however, a field source has reported the that Regiment 137 is completely under the control of the Syrian Arab Army, despite claims by Al-Nusra’s social media activists that have stated otherwise.

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