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Police brutality to trigger rebellions across US: Analyst

28 April 2015 21:02

a baltimore rebellion with police and fire, April 27, 2015

Press TV has conducted an interview with Paul McKinley, a community activist in Chicago, to get his take on the ongoing unrest in Baltimore.

Press TV: Once again, we are seeing outrage from the black community and others and another black man has been killed in police custody. Once gain we see what some may call riots or protests becoming violent and then we see the establishment coming down hard and criticizing those who are demonstrating has turned to violence. I like your take on all this. First of all why we are seeing that these demonstrations seem to be gaining momentum in Baltimore?

McKinley: Firstly, if you notice the leadership blacks who are puppets for the administration, puppets for President Barack Obama, and if you notice Barack Obama hasn’t said anything, because this time, he cannot use racism. Because in the city of Baltimore, the mayor is black; the chief of the police is black; all the city council is black. That means that they are carrying out a racist policy about black people. That is what you are seeing there. So now that they could not calm the black people down, they have to resort to the last thing, their last resort, and that is to bring the National Guard in to brutalize the people more. First of all, these are not riots, these are open rebellions in America, and that’s what you see.

And now you are going to see the next level. What everybody around the country wants to see is how the National Guard deals with this. If the National Guard comes in heavy-handed and starts shooting and killing, you may see some [more riots] abrupt all over the country because police are mass murdering black people in America.These are death squads. These are the death squads of police…murdering the [black community], killing them, leaving them dead, bringing drugs in our community, putting drugs on people, sending them to jail for murders, and all rallies and rapes they that did not do. That is what these police is doing; these police are doing exactly the opposite of what they are supposed to do.

So when you seen black people standing up, like that mayor and calling the National Guard… where was she when the man was killed? Why doesn’t she push for justice for the boy that got killed by police? We didn’t see any of that… and people [are told] to just wait. Black people are tired of waiting.

Press TV: Let’s look at that because as you just pointed out, the majority of the officials in the Baltimore area are black, like the mayor. I want to look at the significance of that. If we go back to Ferguson and we saw that the main spokesperson then for the police was a black deputy, and here we are seeing the black mayor taking the lead… I want to look at, in your perspective, the role of what many would call some of the black elite in actually causing or help promoting the status quo and what many would say is discrimination against blacks to continue.

McKinley: First of all we don’t call them that, we call them Uncle Toms…they are not elite, they are at the bottom of the barrel of white supremacy. They are called bottom-feeders. What they do is that they come in and lull the people to sleep. Their job is to come in and tame the people and lead us to dry places and tell us things to make us calm down. But the young people are not listening to them anymore. You have a generation that is refusing to bow down to these tricks that these tricksters are using.

So when you see those people speaking, where is the NWCP? Where are the name brand negro organizations? Why they have not reacted? Because they cannot calm the people down, so their last resort, which was their first resort, was to [send] the police [to] black folks, because they are starving our communities out, there is no job, there is no resources and opportunities. So you are going to have open violence in our communities. But now all the people have got together in a move against the administration. So what you are seeing is an open rebellion… and I appreciate if we all take it from the grass-root people and start coping. This is an open rebellion in the United States and the black community and it will spread, it is not like Ferguson.

Press TV: Do you think that this is going to be different from Ferguson? And do you think that we are in for a very long spring and perhaps a hot summer in the US?

McKinley: Firstly, the reason this time it is not like Ferguson is because they sent in perverted and degenerate groups to try to hijack the Ferguson peace. They sent white folks in to hijack it. But in Baltimore, it is an all black thing. And even though they are trying to bring in those groups and infiltrate and betray people, I don’t think it is going to work. I think they actually may just hurt themselves while coming in and trying to get the people to do what they want them to do. But in Baltimore they are all black people and the way the National Guard is dealing with them, if they come in with a heavy hand and try to brutalize them, you are going to see rebellions all over America, because the same hostility you see in Baltimore, is in Chicago, is in Gary, is in Detroit and none of the black folks today are listening to the…white supremacy. They are not listening to those black leaders anymore. If anything, I am guaranteeing it… I’m looking to start seeing violence towards these black leaders too. That is going to come next.

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