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Saudi Arabia Annihilating Yemeni Historical Monuments

28 April 2015 13:15


The Wahhabi Saudi regime, the main supporter of ISIL, targeted Yemen’s historical monuments in its air strikes on the impoverished nation as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) Takfiri terrorist group has done in Syria and Iraq.
Among the most prominent historical monuments that the Saudi-led air strikes targeted are:

1. The mosque and the shrine of the orator Imam Abd al-Razzaq bin Humam al-San’aani, Sheikh Ahmed bin Hanbal and Sufyan bin A’ayena who died in 211 (AH) in al-Hamraa area in Dar al-Hadeed village which lies in Sanahan district in the province of Sanaa.

2. The old fence, market and buildings of Saada as well as al-Qishleh Fort which was constructed in the third century (AH).

3. The ancient Sirah Fortress which was built in Aden province in the tenth century (AH).

4. Ogaal Temple in Sarwah district in Ma’rib province which dates back to the era of the Saba State before Islam.

5. The historical city of Zbeid in al-Hadida province which has been considered a moderate educational beacon whose light radiates all over the world. It was constructed in the thirteenth century (AH).

6. The monumental Dar al-Hasan in Damat district in al-Dalei province. The influential role of Damat dates back to the pre-Islamic centuries.

7. The historical Fajj Attan fort on Attan mountain in Sanaa. It is considered one of the most important forts in that area.

Saudi Arabia launched its bombing campaign against Yemen on March 26 in an attempt to restore power to fugitive President Mansour Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh.

Hadi stepped down in January and refused to reconsider the decision despite calls by Ansarullah revolutionaries of the Houthi movement.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi warplanes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

According to FNA tallies, the attacks have so far claimed the lives of at least 3,023 civilians, mostly women and children.

Meanwhile, according to a report by Yemen’s Freedom House Foundation, Saudi airstrikes have killed 3,512 Yemeni people, including 492 children and 209 women, since the beginning of the aggression on March 26 until April 25.

The report added that 6,189 people were injured, including 978 children and 713 women, during the same period.

About 95,000 families have been displaced due to the Saudi-led airstrikes, according to the report.

The foundation further said 4,898 residential buildings have been either destroyed or damaged and some 857 civil service and public utility facilities have been destroyed.

On April 21, after four weeks of bombings, Riyadh declared end to military operations in Yemen, but Saudi warplanes are still bombing residential areas across the war-ravaged nation one week after.

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