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Ivory Coast: Elections and consequences

29 April 2015 10:35


It is nearly five years since the Ivory Coast’s President Alassane Ouattara won a disputed election, that saw over 3,000 deaths, the intervention of the French, and the rendition of former President Laurent Gbagbo to The Hague, where he languishes today, awaiting trial.

By law, there should be another election this year, a prospect Ouattara says he is ready for. But there are growing calls for this process to be postponed.

With presenter Henry Bonsu in the studio to discuss this are journalist and commentator Sylvain De Bogou, political activist Tanoh Kouadio and, on the line from Paris is Marie-Roger Biloa – CEO, Africa International Media Group.

Critics say the country is simply not ready for elections, because of old wounds from 2010-11, and also because the Dialogue, Truth and Reconciliation Commission ended in failure last year.

So, in this program, we will hear from a range of analysts and activists about tensions in Cote d’Ivoire, the fate of Gbagbo, and allegations of repression against Ouattara.

We will also consider the prospect of new waves of violence if the poll goes ahead as the National Electoral Commission has ruled.

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