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Army Official: Iranian Armed Forces Ready to Repel Threats

30 April 2015 20:03


A senior Iranian Army official underscored that Iran’s military troops are fully prepared to defend the country against enemies’ threats and give a firm response to any potential foreign aggressor.

“Enjoying a high morale, power elements and home-made equipment, today the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces are more than ever ready to defend Iran’s interests in a way that no country dares to launch military attack against Iran,” Head of the Army’s Political Organization Seyed Mohammad Ali Al-e Hashem said in Tehran on Thursday.

He also said that the US officials speak of all options on the table against Iran and somehow threaten Iran with military attacks while Tehran has made most efforts to maintain peace and security in the region and the world.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Iranian Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan underlined that the country’s Armed Forces are monitoring every single move of the enemies across the borders and beyond.

“The Armed Forces’ specialized forces monitor all enemies’ moves beyond the Islamic Republic of Iran’s borders,” Pourdastan said, addressing the Iranian people in the Northwestern city of Zanjan.

“The Armed Forces develop the necessary capacities based on the results of their monitoring of the regional conditions to nip any threat or aggressive move in the bud,” he added.

Also this month, the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces in a statement vowed to remove any kind of threat posed to the country and its Islamic Revolution.

“The brave and grateful nation of Islamic Iran and the Armed Forces are ready to stand powerfully and decisively against any possible threat to the Islamic Revolution and Islamic Establishment vigilantly and smartly and under the guidelines of the Supreme Leader and give a remorseful response to the enemies of our dear Iran,” said the statement which was issued to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Lieutenant General Ali Sayyad Shirazi.

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