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Hamas asks West Bank universities to protect its students

30 April 2015 20:07


The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, asked the administrations of universities in the West Bank to protect its students from the Palestinian Authority Security Forces (PASF) campaigns of political arrests and summonses.

In a press statement on Thursday, Hamas said the continuation of arrest campaigns against members of the Islamic bloc in West Bank universities, especially after the Islamic bloc won the elections in Birzeit University and Palestine Polytechnic University, goes in line with the PA policy of security coordination with Israel.

It indicates that Fatah insists on excluding the resistance approach and attempts to exclusively control the Palestinian arena, the statement mentioned.

It said the number of the political detainees in PA jails, just in April, reached 75 captives. 17 students were arrested after the results of Birzeit elections; 13 of them are still detained.

Hamas charged the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas with full responsibility regarding the arrest campaigns against university students. It asked him to end such campaigns and release all of the political captives.

“Fatah’s position toward the victory of the Islamic bloc along with its arrest and summons campaigns reflects its credibility in the public elections and discloses the reality behind its position on Hamas winning of the legislative elections in 2006,” the statement added.

Hamas, however, called on its members who won the elections to serve all the students regardless of the PA arrest campaigns.

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