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Protests against Enemy of Islam Saudi military offensive in Yemen held in Kano, Nigeria

1 May 2015 12:59

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The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on Friday (24/04/2015) held rallies to protest the murderous offensive by Saudi-led, US-backed coalition in Yemen.
The event was designed to draw attention to the atrocities being committed by the Saudi Arabian military forces and its allies that have been carrying out airstrikes in Yemen for the past one month since 26th March 2015.
Shortly after the Juma’at prayer at the Fagge mosque in Kano, thousands of men, women and children were seen carrying placards with inscriptions condemning the barbaric act.
Mallam Yusuf Abdullahi who represented Shaikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi said, the protest was meant to illicit public support and create awareness on what was actually happening in Yemen, against what was actually being reported in the media.
He explained that, while the offensive lasted, innocent civilians have been killed, including women and children, while many were fatally wounded. “As structures in cities are reduced to rubbles, the overall figures are much higher than those reported by official channels”, he added.

Mallam Yusuf likened what Saudi Arabia was doing in Yemen to what Israel did in Gaza, describing it as crime against humanity that has been flourinshing unhindered against global condemnation.
He lamented that, Saudi Arabia-led, US-backed coalition had intensified the airstrikes hours after it had announced to scale down the campaign adding that, the offensive flourish unhindered as a result of open support by some western nations and the Saudi gulf allies.
According to Mallam Yusuf , human lives in Yemen were being traded for selfish interests, saying the offensive was aimed at restoring the unpopular Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, a close U.S. ally who fled to Saudi Arabia last month.
Similar rallies in the form of speeches were conducted at various Juma’at mosques across the country by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
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