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Syrian Army Desstroys Long Convoy of Al-Nusra Terrorists’ Vehicles in Homs

1 May 2015 13:39


The Syrian Army killed scores of terrorists of the al-Nusra Front and destroyed a large number of their vehicles in the Northern parts of the Central Homs province, an informed source said.
The source said that the army destroyed a long convoy of al-Nusra terrorists’ vehicles near the villages of Tal Dahab, Aqrab and Deir Foul in al-Houleh area in Homs’ Northern countryside.

Earlier in the week, the air force destroyed a number of ISIL vehicles at the Eastern side of Jazal oilfield in Homs countryside, killing all terrorists on board.

The civil protests once was erupted in the Homs province in 2011, when the enemies of the country, particularly the US and their regional allies, started to deploy scores of international terrorists in the country’s provinces and turned the civil protests into an all-out war against the legal government of Damascus.

The US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar have been massively involved in shipment of arms to the crisis-hit country.

As an evidence, over 5,000 terrorists, in recent days, infiltrated into the Idlib province from Turkey and opened a new battlefield around Jisr al-Shoghour town in the Northwestern part of the country.

Syrian Army Desstroys Long Convoy of Al-Nusra Terrorists’ Vehicles in Homs Tags

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