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When Royal Princes Become Cannibals: Analyst

1 May 2015 15:40


Nothing worse could happen to the Yemeni people other than the disaster of shutting hospital doors in the face of their wounded and ill as thousands of Yemenis were life-threatened in the hours to come; that’s the way Al Saud rulers wanted for the Yemeni children and elders – they relished scenes of blood and destruction.

The Al Saud royal family had been accustomed to cannibalism without remorse or sorrow as humanity was not expected of a monster!

They are the kings of shame; they worship money – overwhelmed by prestige and arrogance as the paranoia of greatness does not prevent them from committing sins even yielding to imaginary battles.

Deaf are the royalties of Al Saud; they cannot hear the screams and moans of bereaved orphans. They are mute and voiceless when it comes to telling the truth. They are blind and sightless when the remains of children and the wounded would stay out of hospitals by a brutal royal decree as confirmed to al-Ahed news website by Yemeni Ministry of Health spokesman Dr. Tamim al-Shami.

Closing hospital doors was threatening Yemen; “We are facing a real humanitarian disaster,” said al-Shami. Electricity which is considered the basis for hospital operation is non-existent thus impairing the function of the latter.

In addition to that, the spokesman continued, “we are facing the risk of diesel shortage during the coming twenty-four hours which means that hospitals will stop working completely.”

He confirmed the lack of alternatives to the existing reality, unless some traders worked internally to operate hospitals on a temporary basis, but “for the time being, there are no good news in this context, which will certainly lead the wounded to their inevitable death.”

However, Al-Shami was not embarrassed to plea to the international community for aid upon the emerging disaster. According to the spokesman “thousands of the wounded and sick are life-threatened.”

Hence, faced with this tragic reality and in the light of the continued brutal Saudi aggression against Yemen “we cannot even treat the wounded, let alone patients who depend on oxygen tubes and others in intensive care units” added al-Shami.

He further revealed that “the Ministry of Health in Yemen has communicated with several international organizations, including the UNICEF which expressed its willingness to provide assistance, but Riyadh stands the impediment that prevents the arrival of any aid to the Yemeni people, just as what happened during the past two days, when Saudi Arabia interrupted the aid sent by Iran and bombed Sana’a runway.”

Consequently, al-Shami expressed agony and heartburn towards the poor conditions of the Yemeni hospitals. The helplessness of children was what mostly touched him.

Nonetheless, he expresses grave disappointment towards the languid Arab politics which he described as Zionism. “Some rulers are seeking to control the states with their money that will go unheeded, God willing, and we are inevitably victorious” concluded al-Shami.

Source: al-Ahed News

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