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Zarif responds to US senator’s tempered tweet

1 May 2015 12:27


Foreign Minsiter Mohammad Javad Zarif in a reply to US senator Tom Cotton’s less-than-polite tweet who had called him ‘cowardly’ said, diplomacy does not match acts of bullying.

“Serious diplomacy, not macho personal smear, is what we need,” Zarif tweeted Thursday.

Cotton’s tweets called for a debate on the US Constitution, a day after the freshman Arkansas Republican proposed that the two meet in Washington to debate.

In response, however, Zarif congratulated Cotton on the birth on Monday of his son, Gabriel.“Congrats on Ur new born. May U and Ur family enjoy him in peace .@SenTomCotton”

Cotton’s fiery messages came up after Zarif in a question-answer session at New York University referred to a letter drafted by the congressman and signed by 47 peers in which President Barack Obama was warned against reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Iranian foreign minister in an earlier tweet on his activities in New York to attend UN revision conference on NPT and meet counterparts from P5+1 group of world powers wrote that he will reply to Cotton based on Iranian courtesy.

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