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North Korea set to become space power: Kim

3 May 2015 12:04



North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says Pyongyang plans to launch more satellites into orbit despite international sanctions and become a “space power.”

Kim made the comments on Sunday during a visit to the 13,770-square-meter National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA), a newly-built satellite control and command center, North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported.

He also called on the country’s experts and technicians to make further efforts to “glorify the (North) as a space power.”

“The status of the (North) as a satellite producer-launcher remains unchanged though the hostile forces deny it and its space development can never be abandoned, no matter who may oppose,” Kim said.

Kim noted that his country will continue developing space technology as its “legitimate rights.”

“Peaceful space development is an option taken by our party and people and a legitimate right of Songun Korea,” Kim said, referring to the country’s military-first policy, which prioritizes the Korean People’s Army in state matters and provision of resources.

According to the news agency, the NADA would provide a “solid springboard for continued launch of various working satellites.”

The North Korean leader also stressed the need to “provide more cutting-edge facilities for the center, build a base in which satellite test can be done in the same circumstances with outer space and erect something symbolic of the center.”

North Korea launches the Unha-3 rocket in 2012.


North Korea is under UN sanctions over launching rockets considered by the West as ballistic missiles aimed at delivering nuclear warheads.

Pyongyang says its numerous missile tests seek to boost defense capabilities in the face of enemy threats.

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