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Saudi-Yemeni Fake Propaganda TV with Al-Alam Logo

3 May 2015 16:12
Saudi-Yemeni Fake Propaganda TV with Al-Alam Logo

Saudi-Yemeni Fake Propaganda TV with Al-Alam Logo


From the beginning of Saudi Arabia aggression in Yemen, Persian Gulf countries and their western allies chose silence to killing of innocent people. But now a satellite TV with the logo of Al-Alam broadcasting falls Yemeni news from their viewpoint with the name of Al-Sharia News with Al-Alam News Network logo.

This Fake TV broadcasting in Nile Sat and Eutel Sat but after half hour change their logo and put off Al-Alam logo.

The only difference between Al-Alam logo and this new phenomena was the word “news” bellow the Al-Alam logo.

Although al-sharia do this unprofessional action but their aim was to get credit from Al-Alam.

One of Al-Alam official insisting that all rights for Al-Alam logo and its trade mark is reserved, adds: This action is against media and satellite rights framework and will be persecuted.

On Sunday, April 12, 2015 Al-Alam News Network Twitter account and YouTube channel hacked by Saudi Arabia government related groups and temporarily went out of reach.

Saudi Hackers published false news on Al-Alam’s Twitter account and YouTube channel.

Hackers publish a false news about martyrdom of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, leader of Ansaruallah group on our page which strongly rejected at the time.

In an engineering act some Arab media broadcast this false news from our compromised account.

Al-Alam’s news about Saudi Arabia’s aggression in Yemen which is different from Saudi backed media outlets in recent weeks make Saudi angry on our channel.

In the past Saudi Arabia in cooperation with Egypt goes Al-Alam on Arab Sat and Nile Sat off.



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