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‘UK police failing to maintain security’

3 May 2015 8:41


Recent media reports on UK police brutality and the government’s inactive approach to deal with the problem have sparked deep concerns among human rights activists.

Many activists maintain that UK police officers go ahead with their brutality without being worried about the legal consequences of their actions.

“The UK police are far more protected by the establishment in terms of being protected from any kickback, any consequence,” London-based Human Rights Activist William Spring told Press TV.

He referred to US police brutality in dealing with protests in the US city of Baltimore over the death of a black man at police custody adding the violence could happen in the UK in the same way.

“I think the British situation is far worse than the US situation in a sense. British police don’t use their guns so much, but when they do use them they are completely and totally protected and exonerated by the powers that be, the establishment,” he said.

He went on saying that when policy get involved in a brutal move, all ruling establishments come together to defend the indefensible and this is very appalling.

Spring also touched upon the eroding public trust in police adding that the public has is a distrust of those who command the police, who direct the police, people like the home secretary, David Cameron and so on.

The activist expressed his dismay at policy inability to protect the public saying :” One day, all we will ever have from the police is a Twitter feed, a few remarks on Twitter from local policemen will be as much as police are going to be able to do in terms of protecting the public.”

He said in the past policemen were on the beat walking around states, and places.

“They weren’t just in cars or flying overhead in helicopters, they were actually walking about and seeing what was going on, that was the kind of police the UK government degraded and got rid of, with terrifying consequences,” he concluded.

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