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Saudi Arabia’s use of cluster bombs in Yemen outrageous

4 May 2015 10:07


Press TV has interviewed Massoud Shadjareh, with the Islamic Rights Commission, in London, and Lawrence J. Korb, with the Center for American Progress, in Washington, to discuss the use of cluster bombs by Saudi Arabia against Yemen.

Shadjareh says the cluster bombs have been used in civilian areas in Yemen, but the supporters of these barbaric bombings will continue to ignore the fact that the bombs have been used against Yemeni people and hundreds of civilians have been killed during the Saudi airstrikes.

The new report of the Human Rights Watch proves that the Saudis used cluster bombs in the civilian areas of one the poorest countries in the world, he says, adding “any human being should be outraged by this, especially those who claim to be champions of human rights and justice.”

Korb, for his turn, says the Human Rights Watch found evidence that cluster bombs were used against Yemen, but no civilians have been killed by the cluster bombs.

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