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‘Hazeart Zenab, exemplar of peace and love’: Kermani

5 May 2015 22:38


Woman affairs advisor in the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought, Touba Kermani in her recent released message offered her condolences over the demise of Hazra t Zeinab (S.A), naming her a notable model of resistance, peace and love for the human kind, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Pointing to the present plagued situation the region of Middle East is mired in, Secretary General of the Global Association of Muslim Women underscored that main powers start wars under the pretext of bringing peace to the region; all the same, it is beyond a shadow of doubt that war without justice is not peace but silence of main powers in facing of massacre and shedding innocent bloods.

Woman affairs advisor in the World Forum divorced any possible tie between the crimes perpetrated by ISIL and the Islamic precepts and principles.

Elsewhere in her remarks, Kermani clarified programs and objectives advanced by the Global Association of Muslim Women.

In her terms, “the Association was establish in 2013 in a bid to promote world peace and justice”.

“Global Association of Muslim Women consists of four committees including, communications and international affairs, the legal affairs, the training and research,and the informative affairs committee,” she pointed out.

The Global Association of Muslim Women is a global, nonprofit and nongovernmental organization which aims at improving and enriching the participation of Muslim women so as to forward objectives in global peace arena.

Spreading the culture of proximity and rapprochement among schools of thoughts along with bringing convergence among active Muslim women communities worldwide are of the main objectives advanced by the Association.

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