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Shia and Sunni gathering in UK to honor Hazrat Zahra


Sunni and Shia scholars from across Britain came together in London to share a common platform for the first time in honour of Lady Fatimah Zahra (sa).The Global Association of Muslim Women, hosted the auspicious gathering at the Islamic Center of England with keynote speakers including Shaykh Mohammad Zeeshan Qadri from the Minhaj Ul Quran network, one of the largest international Muslim organisations and Dr Mohammad Shomali the representative of Ayatollah the United Kingdom.

Shaykh Zeeshan,a leading scholar of the Ahl e Sunnah in Britain and a representative of Dr Allamah Tahir Ul Qadri – the prominent scholar and political activist from Pakistan, said that at a time when Takfiri forces are globally fanning the flames of sectarianism his attendance at the event was a conscious expression of unity with his Shia brethren. His lecture focused on the mutual love of all true Muslims for the Household of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) while also focusing specifically on the pivotal role of Hazrat Khadijah (as) in the establishment of Islam and which saw her sacrifice her entire wealth to the cause of establishing Islam.

Ruhi Rizvi, Director of the Zaynab Project which works to solve social issues of Muslims in Britain, highlighted the crucial role Muslim women could play in curbing the alarming rise in marriage breakdowns across the Western world.She also focused on the life of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (sa) and said ‘she was personally opposed to Western rights- obsessed feminism because the Holy Quran, the Prophet’s Sunnah and the female role models of Ahl Ul Bayt all serve to give the world a very balanced and clear indication of women’s rights and duties as mothers activists and leaders in our society.

Dr Shomali concluded the hugely successful conference by urging Muslims in the West to unite, and to show love, compassion and mercy to all but in particular their spouses in order to create the best environment for the development of the next generation of British based Muslims.

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