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Omani Sunni Cleric: No difference between Shia and Sunni in Islam

9 May 2015 9:31


Head of Al-Zari Publication in Oman, Sheikh Taleb Al-Zari in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) at the sideline of the 28th edition of Tehran Intl. Book Fair stressed the influential role of unity and rapprochement among Muslims from different religious sects and denominations, stressing Shia and Sunni people are counted the same in the divine religion of Islam.

In his line, religion would be a general school in the Islamic Ummah with its door open for all Muslims from different Islamic denominations and sects.

“cooperation and collaboration among Muslims should be based on political or economic interest, “ said the religious cleric stressing Muslims should place their relations based on religious interest, teachings and principles all of which are derived from the holy book of Quran and Ahlalbayt lifestyle.

Elsewhere in his remark, Sheikh Al-Zari beckoned to continued tension in Muslims countries including Yemen, Iraq and Syria battered and rocked by war, stressing such terrifying ordeal and deadly unrest is not for the benefit of Muslims.

Omani religious cleric went on to beckoned to the standing unity in European countries and underscored, “What we observe in Europe is unity, in spite of various takes and thought stand in there.”

Head of Al-Zari Publication in Oman leveled criticism at Muslims for focusing and accentuating on their differences. In his line, in the wake of highlighting standing conflicting point, Muslim have been consigned to political turmoil.

Sheikh Taleb Al-Zari stressed promoting and safeguarding unity is the wants of all real Muslims. He appreciated World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought for advancing and forwarding unity related set objectives among Muslims.

In his term, the top unity organization took effective step in the unity area, promoting rapprochement among Muslims through mounting various gatherings and organizing other programs in this arena.

Needless to say, no corner of many Muslim countries including Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and etc. has been untouched by the war and showdown. To many religious clerics and scholars, upholding solidarity and religious rapprochement among Muslims can put an end to such plague milieu Muslims are mired in.

In this regard, religious clerics urged shia and Sunn people not to get parted and do their best to be united. To do so, Muslims should be enlightened toward each other, treasuring their relation in different areas and realms.

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