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Yemenis Take to Streets of Sanaa to Slam Saudi America amid Intensified Strikes

9 May 2015 9:27


Thousands of Yemenis once again took to the streets of the capital, Sana’a, to denounce Saudi Arabia’s deadly aggression against their country.

YemenisThe demonstrators on Friday chanted slogans against Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the Israeli regime amid intensified Saudi airstrikes against the country.

“King Salman you are the loser you will be defeated,” the demonstrators chanted, adding “Down with the US. Down with the Israel,” and “In the end we will be triumphant.”

“Those who have betrayed Yemen and have signed an agreement with Riyadh to sell out the nation of Yemen will be forgotten in time,” one of the speakers addressing the protesters said. “The Yemeni people will stand strong in the face of this aggression,” he added, stressing, “The aggression and alliance against Yemen has begun to disintegrate.”

Historian, Abdullah Khomein, who was one of the speakers during the rally, described Yemeni people as “courageous and generous,” stressing that the aggressors “should understand that we are strong and we will stand in our land.”

Noting that Yemen is an Arab nation and part of the Arabian Peninsula, he said Yemen’s history goes even before the Pharaohs. He further condemned “the Saudi and Zionist aggression” against Yemen, saying, “We are against Saudi intervention against Yemen…. We are living some harsh days. We are living days of pride.”

“We will continue to liberate every single meter of our land,” another speaker said, adding that the aggressors aim to “transform Yemen into a land of conflict, but we will resist.” He also warned the aggressors against the reprisal by the Yemeni people, stressing, “We will come for you.”

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