Islamic Invitation Turkey
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Video of ‪Saudi‬ Barbarian jets pounding bombs on residential area in Yemen

10 May 2015 1:03

We are familiar with these kind of massacre from the attacks of Slaughterer Zionist Regime of Israel, but the attack of Saudi America and Puppet coalition that Turkey gives logistic support is beyond the Gaza massacre.

WATCH AND SHARE so that the whole world see who the zionist Saudi America and puppet coalition are. Let the world see what kind of massacre the Suadis do in Yemen. Is this what Erdogan who gave logistic support to Saudi Arabia said: ” The goal in Yemen has been achieved.”?

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yemeni massacre

VIDEO- Burned injuries shows ‎Saudi‬ collation used white phosphorous bombs on ‎Yemen‬ in recent days. Where are so-called International Organizations? Where are the so-called free media? What Saudi America and puppet coalition have been doing in Yemen is the same of Israel’s massacre in Gaza.

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