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Senate interference only delays enforcement of a deal for 2 months

11 May 2015 7:38


The senior member of Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team, Abbas Araqchi, has said that the acts of sabotage of US Senate obstructs the timely implementation of a possible comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran.

According to IRIB World Service, in a meeting of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee on Sunday, Araqchi noted that the interference of the US Senate only postpones the implementation of a possible agreement for two months and has no other impact.
In further remarks, he noted that following Lausanne Statement, the two negotiating parties had drafted a single text with several parenthesis, while later on some part of the issues were fully clarified and a number of parentheses were eliminated. But, the other part remains as it was.

He underscored that Iran and 5+1 Group member states will resume the consideration of the text in Vienna as of Tuesday, while adding that nearly twenty pages have been prepared, which are on the nuclear activities, removal of sanctions, and the set timetable.
The senior Iranian negotiator went on to point out that if the US Congress would neutralize the veto of the US president, Barack Obama, the Americans would be the only ones who would suffer a loss, because the unity in the 5+1 Group would be shaken and sanctions would turn fragile.

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