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TRUCE(!): This is ceasefire of Inhuman zionist Saudi regime the same as in Gaza

11 May 2015 16:45


There is a reason why Saudi Arabia claims soon there will be “humanitarian pause” in Yemen and it is going to mean a halt in airstrikes against the country.
They are still stuck in the military quagmire, anxiously piling up demands on Ansarullah. They are desperate to see the resistance refrain from further movement of troops and artillery to commandeer and control the remaining parts of the country.

The pause might allow some humanitarian shipments into the country during that period, but this will not include easing the naval blockade on such shipments. This is because Saudi military spokesman Brig. Gen. Asseri is still talking up a new round of attacks; frantically saying “now is not the time for calm.”

It is evident Saudi military officials are not ready to admit “shortcomings” in the conflict to “wipe out” Ansarullah that had been planned long before. But it is what it is. They know, and the rest of the world knows, that none of the goals of their preplanned war has been achieved, including reinstalling former president Hadi and defeating Ansarullah. The House of Saud will not survive the moral, political and strategic disaster they have suffered so far either.

Still, Ansarullah will abide by any ceasefire, but it has every right to continue resistance as long as the Saudi-led clique remains a threat to the country. The resistance has achieved a strategic victory over Riyadh and they are determined to keep it that way. Much of the international community would agree; especially now that Riyadh has decided to cease all fire.

As it stands, the main loser in this conflict has to be the House of Saud. In contravention of international law, they led the southern Takfiri-Salafi bloc to war, promising victory, only to produce humiliating defeat and international condemnation.

Another loser is the United States, as it knew in advance that Riyadh had plans to attack Yemen and, if possible, destroy Ansarullah. And it approved, cheering the House of Saud on, refusing to rein in indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets, sending unconventional munitions, and using its influence at the UN Security Council to block an early ceasefire.

Another loser is Israel, as a result of which its stranglehold is being challenged as never before. This is a major defeat for Tel Aviv, as from now on the world will once again focus its attention on the questionable Israeli atrocities against Palestinians in the occupied lands.

On a general level, the sudden ceasefire announcement is a blow to the warmongers. They failed to redraw the Middle East map. With Riyadh’s failure to achieve its strategic objectives in Yemen and America’s failure to attain its strategic objectives in the region, the resistance emerges triumphant and the people of Yemen emerge unscathed and gloating. It’s not surprising.

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