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Ansarullah Advisor: Yemen Powerful Enough to Cripple Al-Saud

12 May 2015 17:32


A senior advisor to Ansarullah Movement warned Riyadh of the consequences of breaking the ceasefire, and said his countrymen are able to hit a heavy blow to Saudi Arabia and attack its interests.
“Ansarullah has warned that over 3,000,000 Yemenis are ready to cross the border into Saudi Arabia and if Riyadh wants to violate the ceasefire, certainly, the country’s territories, except Mecca and Medina, will be threatened and engulfed in the flames of fire raining from land and sky,” Sharafeddin Shamseddini told FNA on Tuesday.

He underlined that when a Yemeni tribe or local fighters can surround a Saudi province and shoot down a Saudi F-15 fighter jet, it is obvious that the Yemeni people are powerful enough to cripple the al-Saud on its own land.

His remarks came after the Yemeni tribal troops gained control over strategic heights overlooking the Saudi border city of Al-Khobe in Jizan province on Sunday.

The Yemeni tribesmen seized Toyleq heights inside Saudi Arabia in heavy clashes with Saudi forces.

The seizure of Toyleq heights will pave the way for the Yemeni tribal troops to take control of al-Khobe city.

Also on Monday, Yemen’s Ansarullah revolutionaries shot down a Moroccan F-16 fighter jet during a Saudi-led air raid on the province of Sa’ada.

Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Massirah television showed that Ansarullah revolutionaries had shot down the US-made aircraft in the Noshour Valley in Sa’ada with an anti-air gun fire.

Reports also said that the downed fighter jet was flying at a low altitude.

Earlier, the Moroccan air force announced in a statement that an F-16 warplane taking part in the Saudi-led air raids on the impoverished country had gone missing.

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