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Iranian Commander to US, Saudi: Attacking Aid Ship Will Spark War in the Region

12 May 2015 21:53


Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri warned the United States and Saudi Arabia that a war would take place in the region in case the Iranian ship dispatched to deliver aid to Yemen was attacked.

“The US and Saudi Arabia should know that Iran’s self-restraint has a limited,” General Jazzayeri told the Arabic-language TV Alalam on Tuesday evening.

“Attacking the Iranian Red Crescent aid ship will spark war in the region,” he said, noting that “this fire may not be put out or brought under control.”

An Iranian ship carrying humanitarian aid supplies, relief workers and peace activists from several countries left the Southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas for Yemen on Monday.

“We are a group of relief workers, physicians and peace activists from the US, Europe and Germany. We are a part of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Red Crescent Society. We are trying to bring medical stuff, flour and water for the Yemeni people,” a statement issued by 7 anti-war activists aboard the ship said on Monday.

“A large number of physicians and a few journalists from Iran are accompanying us on the ship and we intend to deliver 2,500 tons of medical supplies to the Hudaydah port on the Red Sea,” the statement added according to Fars news agency.

The activists reiterated that everything on the deck has been checked to make sure that there is no weapon on the ship.

The anti-war activists also condemned the Saudi fighter jets bombing of the Sana’a airport to prevent the delivery of Iran’s humanitarian aids to Yemen, and stressed, “Preventing the dispatch
of humanitarian aid to another country is a flagrant violation of the international laws.”

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