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Saudi calculations on Yemen war totally wrong: Pundit

12 May 2015 9:27


Press TV has interviewed Hazem Salem, a political activist and commentator from Cairo, and Michael Lane, founder of the American Institute for Foreign Policy from Washington, to discuss the Saudi aggression of Yemen.

Salem says Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes on Yemen in a bid to break the resistance of the Yemeni people to the Riyadh regime’s political and military agenda.

But, he notes, the Saudis never anticipated such “huge resistance” by the Yemenis and such “vast casualties.” He said that Saudi Arabia’s calculations about the war have turned out to be “totally wrong.”

The political expert says the consequences of the aggression have proven to be significant for the Saudi kingdom.

Salem also says that Saudi Arabia is willing to push ahead with the current war and is poised to launch a ground invasion, which would further complicate the situation.

He concludes that the more complicated the situation in the Middle East, the more the United States will benefit.

For his part, Lane says the reason behind the Saudis’ announcement of a five-day ceasefire is that they are not happy with the results of their airstrikes and the way the war is continuing.

He says the best result that could be expected from the ceasefire is an extended truce.

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