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Arab nations condemn Saudi invasion of Yemen

13 May 2015 12:09


Lebanese, Palestinians, and Yemeni expats in Lebanon have held a protest to denounce the Saudi aggression against Yemen. They rallied near the United Nations headquarters, calling on the international community to stop the invasion and save the children of Yemen. Mariam Saleh reports from Beirut.

The Lebanese committee for solidarity with Yemen held its first protest in downtown Beirut in front of the United Nations headquarters.The protesters raised banners and shouted slogans denouncing the Saudi aggression against Yemen.

Hezbollah representative told Press TV that the declared ceasefire will be the beginning of a series of victories for the Yemeni people.Experts believe the continuation of the Saudi strikes against civilians proves that the Saudis have failed to weaken the Yemeni resolve:

Yemenis in Lebanon also took part in the protest to tell the world that they will not succumb to the Saudi aggressive policies.Lebanese and Palestinians expressed sympathy for Yemenis under the Saudi attacks as they say they have also suffered atrocities, which are committed against them by Israel.

Lebanese people held the pro-Yemen demonstration in front of the UN headquarters in Beirut to make the international community hear their voices. These people have a thorough understanding of what’s going on in Yemen as they have witnessed Israeli wars that bear resemblances to that of Saudi Arabia against Yemen; a similarity that international human rights bodies have acknowledged.

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