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Syria: Tens of Terrorists Killed in Infighting among Rival Terrorist Groups

13 May 2015 12:32


Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more injured in heavy infighting between the ISIL and Jaish al-Fath Takfiri groups in the Damascus countryside in the Southern parts of Syria.
At least 15 ISIL forces were killed and 60 more were taken captive in Al-Qalamoun region in Damascus countryside.

The infighting occurred after Jaish al-Fath in a statement warned the Salafi youth against joining the ISIL.

The Qalamoun region is located Northeast of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The infighting seems to have erupted after ISIL turned down an an-Nusra call for supporting it in the war on the Syrian troops, and tried to open an independent front in the region of Qalamoun.

On Monday, sources close to the ISIL said that the al-Nusra Front has demanded ISIL leaders to help the terrorist group stand against the joint operations of the Syrian army and Hezbollah forces in al-Qalamoun.

Saer al-Qalamouni was quoted by the Lebanese al-Safir newspaper as saying that the al-Nusra terrorist group attempted to join the war in Qalamoun under the name of Jaish al-Fath so that it will not bear the responsibility for any possible defeat against Hezbollah and the Syrian forces.

He said there are many proofs to show that the al-Nusra Front has urged certain ISIL leaders and commanders in Qalamoun to help the al-Nusra in the war against the Syrian army and Hezbollah.

Qalamouni who claimed to be a media activist close to the ISIL said that there are two documents proving that Abu Malik al-Teli, the al-Nusra ringleader in Qalamoun, has requested ISIL to rush to his aid in the clashes with Hezbollah and Syrian forces’ attacks in the Hills of Assal al-Ward.

He said that the ISIL terrorists have already withdrawn from Asal al-Ward but are still being equipped militarily.

The Syrian troops and Hezbollah fighters in a series of operations which started near the al-Qalamoun mountainous region near the Lebanese border regained control of many strategic areas, including Assal al-Ward, on Sunday.

Tens of Takfiri terrorists, specially members of the al-Nusra Front, were killed in heavy clashes with Syrian troops and Hezbollah fighters.

The Syrian army also destroyed tens of vehicles of the al-Nusra Front in the clashes.

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