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Prominent Lebanese Sunni scholar: Atrocity in sacred month of Rajab not acceptible

15 May 2015 18:21


A Lebanese Sunni scholar has condemned the aggressive actions of Saudi Arabia on Yemen, saying that the continuation of their aggression shows that the House of Saud has no respect for the sacred months or for God’s commandments.

Shaykh Zahir al-Ja’id, the secretary-general of the Lebanon’s Islamic Action Front said that the killing of innocent people in any month is a great sin but that committing such atrocities during the four sacred months and without any justified reason is not acceptable, reported Rasa.

Shaykh al-Ja’id added despite their claim of being the “Custodians of the Two Holy Shrines,” the killing of the Yemeni people by the House of Saud shows that they do not respect the sacred months and that they ignore God’s commandments.

He referred to the Saudi-led war on Yemen saying Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, and brotherhood. He added that the Prophet Muhammad was known for his mercy and compassion but such actions by an apparently Islamic country compromises the image of Islam in the world. “With its invasion of another Muslim country, Saudi Arabia has violated all Islamic principles,” he stressed.

The Lebanese scholar stated that the Saudi claim that the two holy shrines in Makkah and Madinah are under threat of “probable attacks” is bogus. Saudi Arabia has launched a war on the Yemeni Islamic resistance group, Ansarullah (Houthi’s) but their actions have only led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Yemen and their claims and excuses are in vain.

“The claim that the holy shrines are under threat from Ansarullah is based on an extremist ideology which based on the Wahhabism created by the House of Saud through the propagation of false theology and baseless and meaningless acts,” Shaykh al-Ja’id explained.

“The Saudi claim that the holy shrines are under threat by Ansarullah is not only unfounded but also undermines the pillars of Islam in an Islamic country and presents Islam as a violent and harsh religion in the eyes of the people of the world,” he further stressed.

Shaykh al-Ja’id added that the claim that Saudi Arabia is fighting Ansarullah is unfounded because they have launched a war against the people of Yemen and targeted the country’s already poor infrastructure and have made life very hard for people in various parts of Yemen. The people are always threatened by the aggressors and it is clear to everybody who the invader is.

His Eminence also referred to the US Congress’ “colonial project” to divide Iraq into three independent states, saying that this plan is nothing new and they do not just seek to divide Iraq, but the entire region and all Islamic countries on the basis of their colonialist objective. They plan to create discord and division for their own profit. As was seen in Libya, the Libyan people had no religious differences, but because of dissention provoked by the division of the region, they are suffering from serious conflicts.

The secretary-general of the Islamic Action Front outlined the important role of the clergy in Lebanon due to the current troubles in the region. He emphasized that the scholars – both religious clergy and secular academics – should not be silent in the face of the crimes of Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

He added that it is the duty of the clergy to describe the Saudi’s immoral objectives and evil acts of aggression and state the serious consequences for people of the region. Our Muslim brothers and sisters in Yemen, along with the need for humanitarian material aid, need to understand that public opinion is on their side and the enmity of the House of Saud is obvious to everyone.

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