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Syrian Army to Begin Fresh Operations to Control Yarmouk Camp Soon

15 May 2015 18:07
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Spokesman Anwar Raja disclosed that the Syrian army will soon usher in fresh military operations to take full control of Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp in Damascus countryside.

“The Syrian army’s military operations to win full control over Yarmouk camp is imminent,” Raja told FNA on Friday.

He noted that Yarmouk camp has been under terrorists’ attacks for over two years now, and said, “This is while more than 1 million Syrian citizens and 180,000 Palestinians resided there.”

Last month, Palestinian Ambassador to Damascus Anwar Abdulhadi voiced his concern over the deteriorating conditions of the civilian population in Yarmouk, and urged Iran to make immediate moves help to put an end to the siege of the Palestinian refugee camp.

“I request … the Iranian officials to help the Palestinians of Yarmouk refugee camp, who have been forced to flee due to the tragic conditions of the camp caused by the presence of militant groups,” Abdulhadi told FNA.

Starvation deaths in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus have increased dramatically.

Palestinian forces inside Yarmouk are largely surrounded by the ISIL fighters who have captured large swathes of the camp since an assault that began earlier this month.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group, confirmed that “hundreds” of people had been evacuated from the camp.

In early April, a group of 14 Palestinian factions backed a joint military operation with the Syrian government to expel the ISIL terrorists from the Yarmouk refugee camp in Southern Damascus.

The factions support “a security solution that will be carried out in partnership with the Syrian state,” Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official Ahmed Majdalani said.

Also in early April, the ISIL was reported to be in control of a “large part” of the camp after fighting with Palestinian groups also opposed to President Bashar Assad’s forces.

An agreement last year between terrorists and the government, backed by Palestinian factions, led to an easing of the siege, but humanitarian access has remained limited.

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