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‘Inspection of Iranian military facilities not acceptable’

16 May 2015 12:19


Ayatollah Sayyed Hashem Hoseyni-Bushehri said it is unfortunate that today the Islamic world is in a deep sleep when the United States seeks to instil in Muslims that Israel is their “red line.”

He added that the United States is currently dictating this issue to the leaders of the Persian Gulf countries at Camp David.

We’ve even received reports that proves Israel’s involvement in war against Yemen, he said.

Saudis bomb Yemen despite truce

Referring to the recent developments in Yemen, His Eminence said the Saudi government has declared a five-day day ceasefire, but despite this, they have continued to bomb and shell the impoverished Arab country and persist in their infanticidal war.

Ayatollah Bushehri said that he hopes for a permanent ceasefire in Yemen, adding: “The Saudis have not announced a ceasefire due to compassion for the people of Yemen, but rather to buy time. Public opinion throughout the world, including among Muslims, is turning against the House of Saud, and therefore the regime has declared this five-day ceasefire.”

Iran’s Rescue aid ship

Qom’s Friday prayers’ leader honored the courageous assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, by air and sea, to the oppressed people of Yemen, saying: “We are fortunate to witness Iranian volunteers who have sincerely intended to deliver humanitarian supplies to the people of Yemen.”

Iran’s Red Crescent Society dispatched “Rescue” aid ship to provide the suffering people of Yemen with 2,500 tons of medical supplies, flour, and water, as well as other humanitarian supplies.

We have seen that the Saudi media is stating that they will not allow the delivery of this aid and that they will inspect the ship.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is the defender of [ethical] values and of the oppressed and no one will be allowed to inspect the ship,” he stressed.

Amano allying with US against Iran

Ayatollah Bushehri also pointed to the beginning of a new round of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries in Vienna, and mentioned the continuation of “weak and vain” remarks from the American side. He also accused the director general of the IAEA, of allying with US against Iran.

“Iran’s negotiating team should realize that the red lines of the Islamic Republic of Iran are those which Ayatollah Khamenei has drawn, and they must be met,” he emphasized.

He also called on Iranian authorities to preserve and enrich Iran’s nuclear industry and emphasized that shutting down the country’s nuclear activities is not possible. He also added that the Americans’ promises cannot be trusted unless there is an absolute guarantee.

Ayatollah Bushehri added that the final text of any nuclear agreement should guarantee the removal of all sanctions on the same day the agreement is signed. He stressed that foreigners have no rights to inspect Iran’s defence and military facilities and the acceptance of limits on Iran’s nuclear program should not restrict the development of nuclear technology and research.

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