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Resistance Detonates Car Rigged with 500kg of Explosives in Qalamoun

16 May 2015 12:12


The Resistance detonated Saturday a car bomb rigged with half a ton of explosives Saturday in an area of Syria’s Qalamoun region it captured one day earlier.

“The Resistance’s Mujahedeen have detonated a car that had been rigged with more than 500kg of highly explosive material on the Fatleh crossing in Qalamoun,” al-Manar TV said.

The crossing connects the Syrian village of Ras al-Maara to the outskirts of the Lebanese border town of Nahleh.
The channel also mentioned that the detonation resulted in a huge sound all over the eastern mountains. The report also indicated that the rigged car was abandoned by takfiri groups, who retreated from the area.

This comes as the Syrian Army and Hizbullah managed to seize the posts from the terrorist groups, along with the entire area of Jabal al-Barouh where the crossing is located.

Controlling Jabal al-Barouh marked a strategic advancement for the forces, as it overlooks the highway linking Damascus to Homs.

Footage aired on Friday showed weapons, medical equipment and rigged cars left
behind by terrorists in and around their hideouts in the area.

The Resistance and the Syrian army in nearly two weeks of battles against the armed groups’ militants have seized control of most of Qalamoun’s strategic hills.

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