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1000s in Ecuador pitch in to plant nearly 650,000 trees in one day

17 May 2015 9:37


Thousands of people in Ecuador have collaborated in planting 647,250 trees in a single day, setting a new world record in reforestation, said the president of the Latin American nation.

On Saturday, President Rafael Correa further stated that several different species were planted during the day and that the reforestation efforts were carried out throughout the country, which prides itself for its diverse geography from its Pacific coast, high Andean peaks and low Amazon basin.

“I have just been informed that we have broken the Guinness record for reforestation,” Correa announced during his weekly address to the nation.

Environment Minister Lorena Tapia said in a tweet that 44,883 people participated in planting the trees on more than 2,000 hectares of land.

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