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Saudi Arabia violates Yemen ‘truce,’ kills more people

17 May 2015 9:16


Saudi fighter jets have once again carried out airstrikes against Yemen’s northwestern province of Sa’ada as the five-day “ceasefire” announced by Riyadh itself enters its last day.

Late on Saturday, Saudi warplanes bombed the regions of Sahar, Marzaq and Malaheedh in Sa’ada in separate airstrikes.

Reports say at least nine people were killed and several others injured during the air raids.

Saudi warplanes hit targets in Hajjah and Abyan provinces as well.

Saudi air forces bombarded the neighborhoods of Khormaksar, al-Tawahi and Mualla in the southern province of Aden. The air raids caused damage and cut off power in several areas of Aden.

The so-called truce went into effect on May 12. Saudi forces have been continuously violating the “ceasefire” since then.

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