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Hezbollah, Syria push to purge terrorists from Jord Flita

18 May 2015 22:37



Fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, backed by Syrian armed forces, are tightening the noose on militants in the border region of Qalamoun, pressing to recapture Jord Flita, the last major position still under the control of the al-Nusra Front terrorist group.

The Lebanese Hezbollah-affiliated television al-Manar announced Monday that fighters of the group and Syrian troops have reached the area Birkat al-Fakhte located west of the Syrian village of Flita.

At least 10 major militant commanders have been killed during the operation, which saw numerous positions of the terrorists targeted on the heights and hilltops of Jord Flita, the report said.

Manar also released a video showing its fighters chasing militants on the Al-Thalaja mountain, south of Flita, driving the terrorists out of their positions hilltop after hilltop.

According to reports, a major crossing, connecting the eastern Lebanese town of Arsal and Flita and Syrian town of Jarajeer has come under Hezbollah control.

A handout picture released by the Hezbollah press office on May 13, 2015, shows a Hezbollah fighter erecting the flag of the party on the Tallit Moussa area on the Syrian side of the Qalamoun hills close to the Lebanese borders. © AFP


After two weeks of battling the terrorists, Hezbollah and Syrian armed forces have wrestled most of Qalamoun, a highly strategic area straddling the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Before the Syria-Hezbollah joint operation started, Nusra militants had been using Qalamoun for transferring weapons and reinforcements from Lebanon into Syria, where they have been engaged in terrorist operations against the government.

Hezbollah leader Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said Saturday that more than 300 kilometers of territory were retrieved from the terrorists during the operation while many arms depots, operation rooms, factories for manufacturing booby-trapped cars and hideouts of the terrorists were all destroyed in the mountainous region.

The battle for Flita started on weekend with the aim of connecting the village to Ras al-Maara, another Syrian village which was liberated Friday after fierce clashes between resistance fighters and militants.

Syrian army forces and Hezbollah fighters made significant gains in Qalamoun on Saturday, with the most notable of them being the retaking of Jabal Salajah south of Jord Flita.

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