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Palestinian Hero Adnan Khader starving for 15th day over Israeli admin detention

19 May 2015 17:24


37-year-old Palestinian detainee Khader Adnan Musa has been on an open-ended hunger-strike for the 15th day running in protest at being held administratively, with neither charge nor trial, at the Israeli occupation jails, the Muhjat al-Quds Foundation for Prisoners and Martyrs said Tuesday.

According to the Muhajt al-Quds Foundation, prisoner Adnan, currently held at the Hadarim solitary lock-down, has been turning down meals and refusing to undergo medical check-ups in protest at his administrative detention.

The detainee further refused to be spoken up for by his private attorney or by lawyers from other human rights institutions in line with an earlier decision of his to boycott Israeli occupation courts, which according to him “do little more than seeking pretexts to legitimize the so-called ‘secret’ indictments file.

The detainee called on the Palestinian masses and Diaspora to rally round him by all means available and work on restoring his freedom.

“Allah has created us free. Either we live so or else we’d better die,” a leaked letter by prisoner Adnan read.

Prisoner Khader Adnan, who staged one of the longest hunger strikes in history in 2012, further spoke out against the harsh penalties and tough torture he has been made to endure in the solitary lock-down of the Hadarim jail.

Adnan was arrested near Jenin in July during an Israeli arrest campaign across the West Bank. He is one of many former prisoners re-arrested for unclear reasons.

In November an Israeli military court ruled to release Adnan after five months without trial or charge, but the ruling was never implemented and Adnan remains in jail without any explanation as to why he has been arrested.

In 2012, he took part in a 66-day hunger strike against administrative detention, without trial or charge. The agreement that released him on April 18 of that year also ended a hunger strike of 2,000 Palestinian prisoners, who had called for an end to administrative detention.

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