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President Assad: Axis of Resistance Firmly Established, Can Never Be Ignored

19 May 2015 17:22


President Bashar al-Assad said on Tuesday the Axis of Resistance has been firmly established on the international level and can no longer be ignored by any party.

The key point made in favor of this Axis was the recent achievement in the Iranian file, said the President during a meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Advisor Ali Akbar Velayati and the accompanying delegation.

In their attempts to respond to this achievement, President al-Assad said, some “client states” have escalated their support to the terrorists in Syria as well as in Iraq and Yemen, which explains the recent rise in terror acts in those countries.

The President hailed Iran’s support to the Syrian people, saying it has been a fundamental element in the battle against terrorism.

He, on the other hand, slammed some other countries in the region which continue supporting the terrorists who are committing the ugliest crimes against the Syrians, citing Saudi Arabia and Turkey on top of those countries.

Velayati, for his part, said the advocates of the international war waged against Syria seek to break the Axis of Resistance in which Syria stands central, saying these efforts have failed thanks to the Syrian people’s resilience.

The Syrians’ steadfastness, he added, has even made this Axis stronger and firmer, citing the recent “major victory” against the terrorists in Qalamoun area in Damascus Countryside as telling evidence on that.

Velayati promised continued Iranian support for Syria with everything necessary to boost the Syrian people’s resistance in defending their homeland and confronting terrorism and its sponsors.

The talks saw a convergence in views as far as Syria and Iran’s stances on the region’s issues are concerned.

There was also stress on the importance of the strategic relationship between Damascus and Tehran, which is a main pillar in the confrontation against the Western plots and in facing the “obsessions with restoring empires” of some regional countries and the Wahhabi extremism and terror forces that have trespassed against the peoples of the region and seek to fragment it.

Afterwards, Velayati described in a press statement the meeting with the President as “fraternal”, “fully constructive” and “important” since it is necessary for the two sides, given the strategic relationship between them, to exchange views and ideas regularly.

He extended congratulations to President al-Assad on the victory which the Syrian army, along with the Resistance forces, made in Qalamoun, adding it is important to know from the President on his views for the future and how to boost cooperation between Tehran and Damascus.

President al-Assad, he said, follows with high morale the issue of combating terrorism and its backers such as Saudi Arabia and some other regional countries, saying the President has stood his ground for more than four years thanks to his wisdom and his people’s support.

He also hailed the constructive relationship binding the countries of the Resistance against the Zionism, describing it as strategic and saying it has proved immune to the enemies’ attempts to break it.

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