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Yemen: The Murderous Hordes Are Charging Again

19 May 2015 10:25


The Enemy of Islam Saudi regime has resumed airstrikes in force across Yemen and the United Nations is not facing the murderous hordes – yet again.
As always, the tyrants pervert facts and they want us to believe their monstrous lies that this is about saving Yemen. They want us to remain objective and award ourselves with the luxury of time until their ridiculous peace talks in Riyadh come to a self-serving conclusion!

This is while the time to face their modern ignorance, state terrorism, imperialism, fascism, exceptionalism, selfishness and greed is here and now. People of conscience should take to the streets and condemn those who are burning Yemen. They must hit with full force those who are attempting to slaughter innocent beings.

The murderous hordes have employed all their might, utilizing everything from the mainstream media to military facilities, to justify their crimes against humanity. They spread their poisonous propaganda and lies to oppress a sovereign nation and suppress hope.

The war on Yemen is criminal and has no UN approval. For grand deceits the United States and its client states rely on countless numbers of propagandists and disinformation to justify their war. The biggest crime is to believe in their fabrications and the biggest mistake is to step back and not confront their propaganda.

It is true that their propaganda apparatus is enormously efficient and effective. But it is also true that things are not as hopeless as they used to be. The murderous hordes have failed to fail Yemen and the nation has no intention to give up hope just yet.

The ceasefire has come and gone and the fight is on for a multi-polar world order. It is a crucial battle, because if the murderous hordes win, their campaign of destruction will spread everywhere and no one will be immune.

Unless the people of good conscience expose the terror-mongers and help the people of Yemen win this battle, we cannot even dream about change, let alone any significant changes in the world order.

Those who talk to the murderous forces and beg them to stop destabilizing a poor country are only legitimizing their crimes and acknowledging their power. By trying to appease the warmongers, they are only putting themselves at their mercy. The international civil society must refuse to be in such position.

The murderous hordes are not benevolence and certainly not an exception to international law. They have resumed the campaign to ravish Yemen, charging mercilessly. The international civil society must stop the slaughter and contain the murderous forces. The world can no longer afford to betray its conscience.

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