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Ansarullah Welcomes Serious Calls for Dialogue

20 May 2015 7:01


Head of Ansarullah’s Political Council Saleh Assamad confirmed in a statement that “the Zionist-American-backed Saudi-led aggression and siege on the Yemeni people caused immense sufferings on all levels which urged our brothers and comrades to plea for a humanitarian truce that would ease that suffering.”

Furthermore, the statement pointed out that “Ansarullah dealt with all these efforts and pleas positively although the aggression has not stopped since the initiation of the humanitarian truce, as air strikes on a number of Yemeni provinces continued and the aggression’s reconnaissance warplanes persisted its violations of the Yemeni airspace around the clock; as well as the continuous invasion of its military warships of the Yemeni waters and the bombardment of coastal provinces in addition to the continuation of missile and artillery shelling from within the Saudi borders toward the Yemeni areas. ”

Nonetheless, the statement added that “the aggression continued to impede ships and humanitarian supplies from entering Yemen. It also continued to provide all forms of support for al-Qaeda and enabled them to access certain areas, brigades and camps not to mention the wide-range recruitment to join al-Qaeda within Saudi territories bordering Yemen and send them to attack Yemenis. Additionally, despite the presence of an opportunity to return home, the aggression obstructed all the efforts that have been made to return the people stranded abroad.”

Hence, Assamad indicated that in spite all these violations and breaches of humanitarian truce by the aggression, the Yemeni army, People’s Committees and people maintained the highest degree of self-control and full commitment to the truce that the aggression tried to disperse as it claimed that the army and People’s Committees transferred missiles to the border in a desperate attempt to justify the continuation of its aggression – allegations which were denied altogether.

He added that the Yemenis have positively dealt with the invitation of the special envoy of the United Nation’s Secretary-General to Yemen, Ismail Wld el-Sheikh, concerning the extension of humanitarian truce; however the aggression had stepped up its attacks during the past twenty-four hours four executing more than forty air raids across the Yemeni provinces.

Nonetheless, Assamad declared in his statement that the aggression had also targeted with hundreds of rockets and missiles the Yemeni regions along the border, however, the Yemenis still emphasized the “continuous positive behavior towards any positive and serious steps or invites that would lift the blockade and enable government and private sector institutions to provide the Yemeni people with their requirements of food, medicine, oil derivatives and all the supplies and need; as well as enabling ships and humanitarian supplies and aids from entering Yemen without any hindrance.

Accordingly, he called upon “the United Nations and all brotherly and friendly countries to assume responsibility towards this intransigence and insolence by Saudi Arabia and its allies, which may drop things back to square one.”

Source: al-Ahed News

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