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First Iranian flight carrying relief aid to land in Djibouti: Official

20 May 2015 18:23


Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs said that the first Iranian plane carrying humanitarian aid cargo is to land in Djibouti airport on Thursday.

During a meeting with the visiting UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos here on Wednesday, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said, the latest situation in Yemen and ways to dispatch humanitarian aid faster to the war-torn country were discussed and considered.

He said that Iran has offered various proposals to exit stalemate in dispatching humanitarian aid, but, unfortunately in the five-day truce in Yemen there were two unpleasant incidents.

‘First, the Saudis were not committed to the truce, and second, because of repeated violation of the truce by Saudis, there was no possibility for dispatching aid by the UN, including Iran’s consignments.’

He reminded that Iran, in one stage sent three consignments of food supplies through Djibouti and one consignment of medicine through Oman adding that a cargo ship ‘Nejat’ is carrying humanitarian aid for Yemen.

Amir-Abdollahian added that the visit of Amos is in this concern to find common tactics.

‘We even proposed that Kish Island turn to a storage center for international aid and for immediate transfer to Yemen, and UN officials are to consider the proposal,’ he added.

He also said that two days ago, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif offered a proposal to create green zones for sending relief aid to Yemen.

‘Several ports and airports are located in the zones and military operations do not take place against these areas, so that even in the hardest time, aid could be delivered to Yemen.’

He added that during his talks with the UN under secretary general for humanitarian affairs, latest developments in Iraq and Syria were discussed including strengthening the UN relief operation in war-stricken areas, which are under control of the terrorist groups.

‘The aid which is being carried by Nejat Ship for Yemen, is in full coordination with the UN and upon the UN arrangement. The consignment is to be inspected in Djibouti port by the UN.’

He expressed hope that by establishment of a sustainable ceasefire and fulfillment of Zarif’s proposal to determine areas as green zones, aid can be sent to Yemen promptly.

Amir–Abdollahian pointed out that since beginning of Yemen crisis, Iran has played an important role in helping Yemeni people, stopping Saudi aggression and strengthening political trend, adding that the role is to continue until establishment of peace and security in Yemen in the framework of Iran’s plan.

Concerning Iran’s plan, the senior diplomat said that the first step is establishment of imminent ceasefire, next dispatching humanitarian aid, and finally hold national dialogue in accordance with the UN officials programs.

Amir-Abdollahian said that the fourth step in Iran’s plan is to establish a national inclusive government and that in this concern, UN Secretary General Special Envoy in Yemen Affairs Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed is to arrive in Tehran on Wednesday.

He is to hold talks with Foreign Minister Zarif and number of senior officials on Thursday.

Replying to a question about Iran’s participation in Yemen national dialogue, Amir-Abdollahian said that Ansarallah are calling for presence of Iran in the talks, but Iran underlines that the talks should be by participation of all Yemeni sides and pivotal role of the United Nations.

Other countries should only play a facilitating role and not interfering, he stressed.

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