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Palestinians blocked from riding on buses with Israelis

20 May 2015 8:10


Israel has banned Palestinian workers from riding common buses with Israelis and forced them to return to the West Bank through the same Israeli checkpoint they left.

The pilot program separating Israeli and Palestinian bus travel was initiated on Tuesday under the directive of Israel’s military affairs ministry, Haaretz reported on Wednesday.

The new regulations could increase the commute of Palestinians working in the West Bank for as much as two hours each day, said human rights organizations that are set to issue an appeal against the new restrictions.

According to the program, which is set to last for three months and then be reviewed, if a Palestinian enters Israel through one of the Rayhan, Hala, Eliyahu, and Eyal checkpoints, they must return home through the same entry point.

Hundreds of Palestinian laborers travel every day from the occupied West Bank to work mainly in the construction business under Israel’s entrepreneurship.

International criticism is growing against Israel’s racial policies towards Palestinians, which also includes compulsory evacuation and destruction of their houses.

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