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Rouhani: peace, stability in Iran hope-inspiring for nations

20 May 2015 18:22


President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that prevailing peace and stability in Iran inspires hope in hearts of regional nations.

Addressing a group of People of Tabriz in a sports stadium, the president said that the region has undegone chaotic situation.

He said that almost the entire region from Palestine to Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are burning in flames of hostility and conflicts, thank God Iran is safe and secure.

‘This stability and security in Iran is indebted to the bravery and unity of the great nation, despite such problems as sanctions, the oil price falls,’ he said.

The president said that in all successes achieved, the Iranian nation has been on the scene and their support and the guidance of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution have been most effective.

On revival plan for Orumiyeh lake adopted by his government, the President said that that is one of the major plans of his cabinet and restoration of the environment.

He appreciated the Azerbaijani people for their warm welcome and acknowledged that the province ranks first in the country in terms of non-oil exports.

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