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Hamas warns of upshots of Israel’s projected transfer of gov’t ministers to J’lem

22 May 2015 7:34


Hamas on Thursday warned of the repercussions of Israeli decisions to transfer government ministers to Occupied Jerusalem, dubbing the move a flagrant violation of international resolutions.

Political bureau member of Hamas, Ezzet Resheq, said in written statements the decision to transfer government ministers will turn into an ill omen for Israelis.

“But Jerusalem will remain as intrinsically Palestinian and indivisible as it has always been. It will oust all Judaization schemes,” Resheq stated.

He branded Israel’s endorsement of decisions to move ministerial offices to Occupied Jerusalem “a flagrant violation of international laws and a manifestation of the state of despair and panic overwhelming Israelis and the future of their colonizing entity.”

“There is no doubt that the Israeli occupation will take its last breath sometime soon. But Jerusalem shall forever remain Arabs’ and Muslims’ own property and the eternal capital of the Palestinian independent state and the Islamic nation as a whole.”

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