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Rouhani says Research&Development Iran’s redline

22 May 2015 17:40


In the last day of his trip to the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan President Rouhani reiterated his nuke-policy.
In the meeting with administrative council of East Azerbaijan province on the last day of his visit to the northwestern province, President Rouhani of Iran underlined the remarks earlier made by Iran’s Leader and reaffirmed that Iran would never allow access to its military sites and that research and development (R&D) was a redline in nuclear talks.

Hailing Iran’s foreign policy team for their great diplomatic job in their nuclear negotiations with five permanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany, the president added that the deal is to protect national security, military and technology secrets, otherwise there is no chance Iran signs a deal.

Recounting the nuclear team accomplishments, Rouhani referred to Geneva interim deal in November 2013 and Lausanne Statement in April 2015 as two major steps in nuclear talks.

However, he said that the final step that has to be taken is to reach a final deal – what Iran and the 5+1 hope to clinch by a self-imposed June 30 deadline.

Restating government’s commitment to Ayatollah Khameneiremarks, Rouhani noted that the guidelines of the Leader are binding.

Rejecting the idea that NPT would allow inspectors in Iran’s military site, president gave assurances that the Additional Protocol to Non-Proliferation Treaty does not allow intrusion to the military sites in violation of the International Law.

He said that the nuclear deal will come out as a glory for the nation and government, because, Iran has focused on sovereignty rights enshrined by the Charter of the United Nations in every item of the comprehensive deal.

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