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Tehran’s Friday Prayer Leader: We cannot trust the Americans

22 May 2015 18:20


Tehran’s interim Friday Prayer Leader, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, has said the revengeful Americans want to punish us (the Iranian nation ) in the nuclear negotiations.

According to IRIB World Service, addressing a huge crowd of Friday prayers worshippers and the faithful in Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati referred to the on-going nuclear negotiations between Tehran and the 5+1 Group, and said the Americans have been truly beaten by the Islamic republic of Iran, and by Islam, and this is why they are after revenge in the nuclear negotiations.
In further remarks Ayatollah Jannati said: “It is wishful thinking to assume that with the signing of a nuclear agreement, the plots and schemes of the enemies of the Islamic Republic will end. The Westerners, particularly the Americans, want to dominate Iranian politics, and control Iran’s economy. This is what they are really after”.
Tehran’s interim Friday prayers Leader went on to urge the Iranian negotiating team to pay attention to three important principles of “Faith in God”, “Faith in the people”, and “continuing the path of Islam” throughout the on-going negotiations with the West.
Commenting further, Ayatollah Jannati said: “We cannot trust the Americans , we cannot pin our hopes on the Americans in these negotiations, that would be unwise; the Americans want us to surrender, but little do they know that the Iranian nation has learned the lessons of courage, bravery, honour and resistance from the Chief of Martyrs, Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him)— grandson and the third Infallible successor of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).”
Tehran’s interim Friday prayers Leader went on to describe the United States as the main perpetrator of crimes and atrocities in places such as Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. He said the Americans have brought destruction and misery to these countries. Ayatollah Jannati pointedly added: “This is the same America that helped create the Takfiri terrorist group , ISIL, which burns human beings alive, and shows no mercy to women, children, the elderly and the sick”.
Turning to Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen, Ayatollah Jannati strongly condemned Saudi crimes and atrocities in Yemen, and went on to describe the Al-e-Saud regime as “the Pharaohs of our times”. He pointedly added: “This evil regime is suppressing innocent people”.
Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati went on to emphasize that Islamic Iran has always supported the oppressed, and has always fought against the oppressors. He pointedly said: “We hope that pretty soon, the stranglehold of the Al-e-Saud regime over the two Holy Shrines will be ended forever”.
Tehran’s interim Friday prayers Leader went on to congratulate the auspicious 3rd of Sha’ban , the birth anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), and the National Day of Revolutionary Guards in Iran. Ayatollah Jannati stressed that Imam Hussein (AS) has been the symbol of courage, bravery, honour, power and martyrdom throughout history.

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