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Tunisia economy grows at slower rate

22 May 2015 14:36


Tunisia’s economic growth slowed during the first quarter of this year, something not seen since 2012.

Data published by the Tunisian National Institute of Statistics showed the country’s economy grew a disappointing 1.7%.

This time around last year, according to the data, the North African country’s economy expanded by 2.4%.

Even around the same period in 2013, the country’s economy expanded 2.3%, the data showed.

Tunisia’s economy is witnessing an unemployment rate of 15% and, according to experts, the unemployment figure that was announced by the government in the fourth should be significantly higher.

Tunisia’s economy depends mostly on tourism and tourists haven’t been coming into the country like they used to before a terrorist attack that killed 21 tourists in the country back in March of this year.

The attack targeted a tourist hub in the downtown area of the capital Tunis.

Local media are reporting that workers in the tourism sector in Tunisia are afraid of the upcoming summer’s “catastrophic” season, pointing to a drop in tourism numbers.

The last time the country faced a significant economic downslide led many to revolt against the ruler Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011, causing ripple effects across the Middle East and North Africa for years.

Just earlier this week, activists announced thatprotests against the negative economic situation in the country would begin soon.

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