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Imperialism ‘violation’ of Islamic thought

23 May 2015 15:27


Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said on Friday Iran is by no means seeking to establish an empire since imperialism is in violation of Islamic thought.
Larijani made the remark here on Friday while addressing the closing ceremony of the 32nd International Quran Competition.

He added that in no time in history has the region been gripped to such an overwhelming extent with world powers’ undermining schemes as it is now.

Noting that the collaborations currently underway in the Muslim world are proceeding toward a state that will create the most conflicts among Muslim countries, Larijani added “some Muslim states procure second-handed weapons to undermine Muslims’ lives. It does not befit the Muslim Ummah which adheres to Quran to allow a heinous incident such as the one in Yemen to occur and lead to many people dead or displaced. The Saudis say they are concerned about their own safety but must a country with security concerns destroy another country?”

Larijani called into question the baseless concerns about Iran, a country that has not invaded any other state during the span of 36 years after the Islamic Revolution; “Iran’s power stands beside the Muslim Ummah not against it. Iran defended the rights of the Palestinians during Gaza conflict and responded to the Iraqi’s plea for help against the terrorist attacks. The power of Iran is to preserve the dignity and honor of the Muslims,” he said.

Elsewhere, Larijani pointed to Iran and the 5+1 nuclear talks, highlighting the Leader’s remarks on Wednesday which strongly prohibited any inspection of the country’s military sites by foreign agents.

The 32nd International Quran Competition came to a close in a ceremony on Friday at Tehran’s Summit Conference Hall.

A large number of Quran reciters and memorizers from 75 countries participated in the competition.

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