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URGENT: Victorious Yemen Hezbollah&Army shoots down US-israel servant Saudi fighter jet +Images




Yemeni air defense forces have shot down a Saudi fighter jet in the northwestern province of Sana’a in Yemen as it was conducting airstrikes against the country.

The Saudi F-16 fighter jet was shot down and subsequently crashed in the Bayt Khayran area of the district of Bani Harith in the northern part of Sana’a.

The fighter jet had reportedly conducted a number of airstrikes against Yemen’s al-Dailami air base.

Two of the rockets of the fighter jet have remained unexploded in the incident.


Saudi jets have been carrying out military strikes against Yemen since March 26.

On May 11, Ansarullah fighters brought down a Moroccan fighter jet violating the country’s airspace in the Noshour Valley in the northern province of Sa’ada, Yemen’s al-Massirah television reported back then.

Meanwhile, the Saudi military attacks against Yemen continue to claim lives.

According to media outlets on Sunday, Saudi fighter jets targeted a factory in the western Yemeni province of al-Hudaydah, killing three civilians and injuring 19 others.

The Saudi fighter jets also targeted residential areas, a military airbase and a police headquarters in the province in separate attacks.

The Saudi warplanes also conducted five airstrikes on the area of al-Masraq in Yemen’s eastern Hajjah Province. Yemen’s southwestern province of Ta’izz also came under sever attacks by Saudi warplanes. Reports also say that Saudi warplanes launched airstrikes on the area of Hidan in Sa’ada, damaging at least ten houses and eight cars.

The United Nations (UN) says, since March 19, over 1,800 people have been killed and 7,330 injured due to the conflict in Yemen

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