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ALLAH-U AKBAR: Yemen Hezbollah Hits zionist Saudi Military Bases with over 40 Rockets

27 May 2015 18:12
Yemeni Army Hits Saudi Military Bases with over 40 Rockets

Yemeni Army Hits Saudi Military Bases with over 40 Rockets



Informed sources confirmed on Wednesday that the Yemeni Armed Forces alongside the popular forces targeted the Saudi Arabia military bases with more than 40 rockets, Al-Alam TV reports.

The sources said that the Yemeni forces fired as many as 40 rockets at a Saudi military base in the area of al-Tuwal in the Jizan region of Southwestern Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni forces also targeted the Saudi military bases of Jabal al-Dukhan, MBC, Jabal al-Dood, al-Radif and a number of other bases in the area of Jizan.

Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters also targeted a number of Saudi tanks at the al-Makhrouq military base in the Southern Saudi province of Najran.

Sources said on Friday that the Yemeni tribal forces fired tens of missiles and mortar rounds at Najran in the Southern parts of Saudi Arabia.

The sources said that the tribal forces have fired tens of missiles at the Southern city of Najran, adding the Yemeni tribal forces are advancing in Saudi Arabia’s territories.

The sources went on to say that the tribal fighters have also taken control of a new military base in Ein al-Hamra and al-Mobakhar and have seized large depots of ammunitions and weapons.

“The strategic mountain of Jahfan in al-khobh in the Saudi soil has been fallen into the hands of Yemeni tribal forces,” the sources confirmed.

Also, the same sources announced that Ansarullah forces have opened new battlefronts in Harad, between Math’an and al-malahiz, in Hajja province, adding that scores of Saudi forces have retreated from the combat zone.


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