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Israeli jailers step up torture of hunger-striking Khader Adnan

27 May 2015 18:03


The Israeli prison authorities have stepped up psycho-physical torture against hunger-striking detainee Khader Adnan, starving since 23 days in protest at being held administratively, with neither charge nor trial, at the Israeli occupation jails.

A letter leaked from prisoner Adnan to his lawyer Wednesday raised alarm bells over the ongoing mistreatment and hounding he has been subjected to at the Israeli occupation jails.

The detainee launched a cry for help, saying he has been locked up in a small cell whose only window has been sealed.

He reiterated his firm rebuff to undergo medical check-ups and to eat or drink anything except water.

The detainee is meanwhile clinging to an earlier decision of his to boycott the Israeli occupation courts, which according to him do nothing more than regurgitating Israeli prejudgments.

“I will never ever give up my legitimate right to freedom,” he vowed, urging the Palestinian masses to rally round him and back him up in his fight for freedom and dignity.

A lawyer from the Muhajt al-Quds Foundation meanwhile denounced the fact that Adnan is locked up in a small cell near criminal prisoners, warning of the serious upshots of such an unwarrantable move.

Adnan, who staged one of the longest hunger strikes in history in 2012, was arrested near Jenin in July during an Israeli arrest campaign across the West Bank. He is one of many former prisoners re-arrested for unclear reasons.

In November an Israeli military court ruled to release Adnan after five months without trial or charge, but the ruling was never implemented and Adnan remains in jail without any explanation as to why he has been arrested.

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