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New Military Achievement in Islamic Resistance’s Op in Arsal’s Outskirts

27 May 2015 18:12


Several terrorists were killed in an Islamic Resistance’s ambush in Syria’s Qalamoun region along the border with Lebanon.

Arsal outskirts

According to the information, “All members of a group of al-Nusra takfiri [militants] were killed in an ambush by the Resistance between the Syrian outskirts of the Lebanese towns of Arsal and Nahleh.”

In addition, al-Qaeda-affiliate al-Nusra Front field commander was killed in the ambush and a military vehicle was destroyed.

Al-Manar TV channel reported that the group belonged to Nusra’s Ghuraba Brigade.

In the past weeks, the Islamic Resistance announced that it has secured around a third of the Qalamoun region, on both the Lebanese and Syrian sides of the porous border.

The area of roughly 1,000 square kilometers is a landscape of imposing hillsides riddled with caves, and open valleys full of scrub and wildflowers.

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