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Saudi War on Yemen Killed More than 4000 Civilians

27 May 2015 10:42


Yemen’s Freedom House organization reported that more than 4000 civilians have been killed by the Saudi-led war on Yemen.

According to its seventh statistical report on the humanitarian status in Yemen, Freedom House said that the US-backed aggression has so far killed 4021, among them 576 children and 261 women.War on Yemen

The report said that 7017 civilians were injured, including 1121 children, since the beginning of the aggression in March 26 till May 23.

The total civilian inhabitant areas hit by air, sea and surface strikes were 786 units, 630 it by the Saudi-led alliance missiles from air, sea strikes, while 630 units hit by missiles from ground clashes, the report said.

The number of targeted houses damaged completely or partially reached 7,021 civilian buildings, with 169 of them were destroyed with their inhabitants, according to Freedom House report.

The organization noted that 1064 civil utilities were hit by air strikes, adding that between 190,000 and 200,000 families were displaced.

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